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Impact poster 2017
Impact poster 2017
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October 13 at 7 PM

Vanguard College Chapel
12140 103rd Street, Edmonton

October 14 at 3 PM

ABNWT PAOC Greenroom Vanguard College, West Wing
12140 103rd Street, Edmonton

October 15 at 10:00 AM

Connect Church at Cineplex Cinemas Manning Town Centre
15531-37 Street, Edmonton



The Scripture is clear – without a vision, the people suffer. So does the church, individuals, the family, and so will the future!
Around two years ago, God gave us a dream and a vision to plant a new church in Northeast Edmonton. Last September, Connect Church became a reality.
At Connect Church, we have a clear vision to help people find and fulfill their God-given purpose. It’s impossible to achieve our purpose in life without the help, guidance, knowledge, and the power of the Holy Spirit. It was promised by Jesus that the Holy Spirit will come from heaven to IMPACT the earth. He is already here waiting for those who recognize Him and who seek after Him to be used mightily to do wonders on earth.
Are you ready for an IMPACT of the Holy Spirit? Come and join us for a three-day conference at IMPACT 2015 and your life will be changed and impacted by God. We are bringing awesome spirit-filled speakers from Ottawa and Florida. God has been using them all over the world to IMPACT thousands with anointed Word and the ministry of the Spirit.
We welcome all of you for a special IMPACT from heaven into earth which, by the way, could be you.


We are living in difficult times. Our economy is suffering, our abortion laws allow for unrestricted abortions, news reports show war, horror, and terrorism gaining grounds. Where is the church? It seems that the righteous of God are hidden behind a secretive group that is more concerned about political correctness than sharing the love of God.
God is calling us to fulfill His purposes on earth. We are called to IMPACT a generation, whether by assuming a position of authority and visibility in one of the seven spheres of influence, or transforming our family and our daily relationships with others. We are called to establish the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven in the midst of chaos – an IMPACT that will change laws, legislations, and our social system. Come and be encouraged with us as we learn about the authority and power to change your circumstances and nation. There is still time to conquer. Nothing is impossible to those who believe!
Our conference will empower your spirit for what is to come. It will empower you to fulfill God’s mighty purposes for your life so that you can IMPACT your home, your friends, your workplace, and nation!